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As one of the leading free Internet TV sources on the Internet, TVForPC has a broad world market of visitors. A majoity of our visitors come from the United States, European Union, Canada, Italy, and United Kingdom. Advertising with us can ensure a niche-rich audience viewing your ad.

Currently, TVForPC serves over 10,000 visitors and 35,000 pages monthly. We have a variety of ad spots, to ensure that you receive the necassary advertising you need!

Video Pages 468x60 Banner Ad (5 Spot Rotation)

Banner ads will be placed at the top of the video pages. The banner ad spot will hold up to 5 banners in rotation and is in the prime advertising zone. Banner ads are $10/month. If you are interested, contact us

Video Pages Text Link Block Ad (3 Spots)

Text links in the block are handled thorugh AdBrite advertising. If you are interested in purchasing a text link in this prime advertising zone, you can see our prices at the links below and order them through the same site. Your text link will be viewed above the media player.

Channels Page Block Ads
Adult TV Page Block Ads

Sitewide Sponsored Text Link

Text links are also sold sitewide on our right column menu under "Premium Sites". These text links cost $5/month and position is a first come first served basis. If you are interested, contact us

*Notice: Prices and advertising layout are subject to change at any given time. All private ad sales are handled through PayPal.
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